Monday, March 4, 2013

Yet another fabulous "idea"...Sorry Nate

So I serve on the leadership team of the MOPS group at our church. It's an amazing group of mothers who reach out to other mothers. (MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers in case you have never heard of it.) I have never really been a "girl's girl" but I have met some pretty amazing women since being a part of this organization for the past 2 years. The reason I tell you all this info is because MOPS is yet another source for hare brained schemes. They are not hare brained for these women, just me. My lack of home maker skills is the reason for being hare brained. Anyway, last meeting we had a lady come and give tips on meal planning. So I am going to start. Poor Nate is always along for my next brilliant attempt at...
Like my Pinterest attempts, all of my great new adventures fail shortly after they start. Now I am fully aware of this but I usually pick up some great insight throughout the process. For example, after several months of attempted couponing I have learned that the great value Walmart brand is actually cheaper than most other brands with a coupon, unless bought in bulk. (Which I don't like to do, due to lack of storage). I have also learned that there are definitely some coupons that are worth seeking out before buying an item but I have a tendency to buy more stuff because I have a coupon. I may or may not be a bit of a shopaholic. But in attempts to save for our adoption we are going to eat in more, unfortunately for my family, I am not the best cook. So best case scenario we lose weight;) I am going to do a two week menu, but shop once a week. I haven't decided whether to include lunch yet so if anyone has some great tips please let me know. Dinner for tonight is Crockpot BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches. Fingers crossed its edible and we won't end up at a restaurant tonight. Happy Monday everyone!