Monday, May 6, 2013

Adoption Concerns from Friends

Nate just got back from Atlanta Wednesday afternoon and we are back to a three person family again.  Thank goodness! It's just not the same without him around, not to mention being a single mother, exhausting! And he was only gone 3 and a half days. Sending love to all single moms out there, you are some strong ladies! Today, Nate got an email from a friend of ours.  He forwarded an article written by a woman who had a lot of rough times as she was pursuing an open adoption.  It was a sad story of being chosen as an adoptive mother five times, only to be left heartbroken four of those times.  From the article it looks like she was putting out ads in the paper and on the internet to find a birth mother.  As I don't want to judge the way a person chooses to adopt, I feel like this particular woman definitely went about things the hard way.  Lucky for us, we are relying on an adoption agency that will be counseling all of the potential birth mothers throughout their pregnancy.  We have been assured that the birthmothers will not be able to pick an adoptive parent until they are fully ready to embrace an adoption plan for their child.  Adoption is always going to come with risk and we are well aware of our potential for heartbreak.  There is a waiting period after the child is born when the birthmother can change her mind.  All I can say is we think that the risk will be worth the reward and if a birthmother chooses to not go through with the adoption, our portfolio will go back in the adoptive family book and the waiting game will start again with a side of heartache.  We definitely want to hear any loving concerns for our family if you feel the need to express them.  Although, please know that we have read and read, made our decisions, and have to live with all potential outcomes.  Prayers are always super appreciated!!!