Sunday, March 31, 2013

How much did you say our adoption will cost?

I have had several people ask me lately, "Why does adoption cost so much?"  Well I have been to one orientation and have learned a little bit of the answer to that question.  I think you just have to think of it as an investment.  An investment in counseling for all these women who are at a crossroads.  These women who need guidance and support in probably their greatest time of need.  The investment in a hard working Social Worker who is helping to place children in a safe, loving home, and also collecting and verifying massive amounts of paperwork.  An investment in an agency that helps so many birth mothers, mothers, and adoptive mothers get what they need.  Not to mention lawyer fees. With all that said, I am happy to give to an amazing agency that does so much good for not just adoption, but many other things for communities nationally and internationally. (
We have been told that our domestic infant adoption will cost around $23,000-$25,000.  At first glance it is completely overwhelming to think about what a huge amount of money that is.  Nate and I have been discussing money for months on end.  We went to an adoption Q and A at our church and one of the fathers on the panel said something that stayed with me.  He said that he knew how daunting the money part is, but that, "God will provide, you just have to start the process."  Then a few weeks later Nate gets told that  he was getting a work truck.  Which means, we can sell our jeep!  So we actually haven't sold it yet, but once we do that will give us a good chunk of money.  In the meantime, we have been saving and have saved about $8,000!  Yay!  Now hopefully with the sell of our jeep (Black '06 Grand Cherokee, in case your interested),

 the money we are saving, and a couple fundraisers we might just have it! In the meantime please know that we are in the process of organizing a cornhole tournament fundraiser. If you don't know what cornhole is, it's like washers with bean bags and a larger board. Here is a youtube video... 
Anyway we will be getting more info out on that as it gets closer! Hope this sheds a little light on the cost of adoption. It is vastly different from agency to agency and international to domestic adoption. So all info is pertaining to just our case.