Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Las Vegas

Nate, the hubs, is a huge fan of the credit card points. Just some background on Nate, if he can't brag about how cheap he got something he won't buy it. Now this applies with everything except vacations. He is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to vacations. He would spend A LOT of money on vacationing if I said yes. Our friends seek him out on vacation help because they know that Nate lives for planning vacations. He likes to always have a vacation on the horizon. We have been to many places since getting married but there is one place that we always go back to and that's Las Vegas. We used to average about 2-3 times a year prior to having Owen. Nate loves to play poker and I love shows of any sort. (Dance/Concerts/cirque de soleil/comedians/etc).  I used to love 3 card poker and slots too but not so much anymore since we only have one income, one kid, and one "on the way".  I also love laying by a pool (and reading) and we all know Vegas has amazing pools. So here we are, on a flight to Vegas. I have counted all the trips I can remember and I am up to 10 Vegas trips. Pretty sure Nate is like 15ish. I know, its disturbing to think how much money has been blown. Anyway since we have been saving for our adoption and Nate is all about a Vegas trip I told him that if he could get airfare and hotel paid for via credit card points then we could work it out. We usually go with friends or family but this time we ended up solo. Looking forward to the trip but anxious (more so than normal) about leaving Owen (that's another post). So I will let you know how the trip goes maybe even post a few blogs by the pool;)!

The Mommy Guilts

I have started to get the mommy guilts lately. I can pinpoint when it started which was right about 18-20 months when I started letting Owen watch T.V. The pediatrician always nicely reminded me when I went into the office that "he shouldn't watch T.V. until 2 yrs. old." At some point I gave up and let him watch a few shows. Then I called my church preschool in January about when the fall sign up was. And they just happened to have a spot open in his age classroom right then. This would also ensure that he would have a spot in September. So I took it. I use the excuse in my head that I am in graduate school and have two classes on campus this semester. (Univ of Texas at Arlington, about 45 mins from my house) Which is true, but it still makes me feel bad. I don't know why I think it's more OK to put Owen in school at 2 and a half rather than right at 2. So silly. Since my classes are Tues. evening and Thursday morning, I don't get to put him to bed on Tuesdays or take him to school on Thursdays. Please don't read this and think that I am judging anyone else for their decisions. I have learned not to judge anyone else's decisions regarding their children. Life is too complicated to know how WE need to make our own choices let alone how others need to make their choices. Now we are leaving Owen for four days to go on vacation without him. I feel terrible. He has been super clingy lately and I don't know how he will feel about us being gone. I realize that I am being a bit irrational picking a fight with Nate this morning and crying because we are leaving but hey, I am an irrational person when it comes to my kid. Anyway I decided to write this because only other Mommy's would know the Mommy Guilt. It's terrible and no matter how much time we spend with our children will it ever be enough?