Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Volunteering...Kid's Crew

I was just blogging about how I love to volunteer and felt I should share an opportunity with some of you who really would like to volunteer but are overwhelmed with finding a place to volunteer at. Currently I volunteer for an amazing organization, Alliance for Children. They have a "Kid's Crew" that goes to Cook Children's and sits with children who have been in an abusive situation (to the point of hospitalization) and their guardians are not allowed at the hospital due to pending investigations. These babies and children are stuck in a hospital either bored or wanting/needing to be held. We all get an email when there is a child at the hospital and then sign up in 2 hour shifts when we can make it. So even those of you who work full time can volunteer on weekends and/or evenings. Sometimes I go months without any emails. I recently told a friend about this and she suggested that I tell more people. So let me know if you want any additional info. There is a 1/2 day Saturday training in order to volunteer, but it's very informative and interesting. There is no better feeling than the feeling after helping someone. Promise you won't regret it!

Love Languages

I have talked about the love languages in a previous post but I had this crazy thing happen this evening. As I was checking my email, trying to avoid writing a paper that is due tomorrow, I came across an email from Habitat for Humanity. I have been wanting to volunteer for this organization for many years and signed up for their email list about 1 year ago. (Background) Nate is two days younger than I am and he loves bdays. (Sorry dear, it's true.) So we always try to get something together that's really fun and shows each of our personalities. Last year we had a whole weekend thing because we turned 30. I love, love murder mystery dinners and wanted to dance (also a favorite of mine) so we went to the grapevine theater for a murder mystery dinner and glass cactus to cut a rug. Now Nate loves all things sports so the following day we went to a Rangers game. (Back to Present day) I told Nate several months ago that this year I wanted to do a service project with any friends that wanted to join in for my bday. Low and behold the email comes tonight and the service project is April 6th the day before my bday! Back to the love languages; my love language is "quality time", but I somehow got it in my brain that the way to show love is "acts of service". Unfortunately, Nate's love language is not "acts of service", his love language (he said I could tell) is "words of affirmation". Anyway due to my need to show love I may go a bit overboard with volunteering. I have been working on scaling back but it's very difficult for me. Regardless I am so excited to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity on April 6th. If anyone is interested in joining us, please let me know!!! I am truly encouraged by God's perfect plan on a daily basis, which brings me to the saying, "it's funny how things work out." Is it funny, or just more info that God is in control"?

Choosing Adoption

In the short time we have been going through the adoption process I have noticed that a lot of people have asked why. Which is a question that I don't mind answering at all. In fact, I really like answering this question. I want to make it clear that Nate and I are adopting because we truly want to adopt. We want to love and raise another child. We feel that there are A LOT of kids coming into this world that need a loving family. We are that, a loving family that wants to grow. We are choosing to have the experience of adoption because we think it is a wonderful and amazing thing. I cannot say enough how brave any woman is, that becomes pregnant unexpectedly, and chooses to make an adoption plan for her child. I will be forever greatful to our future birth mother for her hard decision and sacrifice. Ever since we were turned down from Gladney for being fertile I have been thinking about this concept. Gladney's reasoning made sense, the birth mother's (often times) would rather their child go to a family that is longing for a child and is unable to have one, specifically a first child. Nate and I are choosing adoption, because we want to adopt just as badly as we wanted to have Owen. I would also like to say that I truly feel for any couple struggling with infertility. I am not saying that people who are infertile and choose to adopt only do it because it is there second choice. I don't believe that is the case, I just believe that adoption is a wonderful and amazing experience that anyone wanting and able, should experience. I do not know what it might feel like to be in that situation and would never wish that kind of pain on anyone. I just want to reiterate that anyone who chooses adoption no matter which way they do it should be encouraged and supported. I believe that God wants us to support the orphans whether it's through fostering, adopting, volunteering, financially, or another way.  I hope I did a good job of explaining our feelings, kind of a hard blog to write.
James 1:27