Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just the Beginning of Our Fritzel Journey

Nate and I thought it might be a good idea to start documenting our adoption journey for ourselves and for all our loved ones to know what is going on.  As some of you know, we have wanted to adopt for a while now, and after many prayers and conversations, now is the time. We are so excited to have a new Fritzel in our family and of course for Owen and the future little Fritzel to experience the joys and frustrations;) of having a sibling.  After being turned down at one adoption agency for already having a child and being fertile, we are so excited to say that we have been pre-approved for a domestic infant adoption at another agency.  We will be adopting through Buckner International Adoption Agency in Dallas.  After our pre-approval we met with the adoption social worker on staff for an orientation.  We learned all about the history of adoption, Buckner's history of adoption, the adoption process, and received the application.  We are now in the midst of filling out massive amounts of paperwork in order to move forward.  Please check out our new blog from time to time in order to share in our ups and downs.

Our Adoption Timeline

Spoke with an adoption agency in Arizona that do Mexican adoptions and spoke with Gladney Adoption Agency, who informed us of our unlikeliness to be accepted.

Pre-application completed and turned in to Gladney Agency.

Rejected from Gladney Agency for domestic infant adoption for being fertile and already having one child.  Gladney asked us to look into international adoption.

Emailed Gladney and thanked them for their help.  Also explained that we have decided not to pursue international adoption at this time.

After our research of all agencies in the area, we decided on Buckner, a Christian adoption agency.  We filled out the pre-application and sent it the same day.

Decision to switch adoption to foster to adopt if Buckner did not work out.

Emailed Buckner to make sure they received our application.  SW emailed back to say she was on vacation.

Received a call from Buckner saying we were pre-approved for the domestic infant adoption!!!  Orientation scheduled.

Orientation rescheduled due to SW personal reasons.

Three hour orientation where we learned about the process with Buckner.  Decided Buckner was definitely the place for us.

Started filling out our application for adoption!

Discovered I am cancerfree and continued application process!

Mailed in Application! Wawho!

Made FBI fingerprint appointment.

FBI fingerprint appt. completed!

Hiccup in the Road

Due to my family history of breast cancer my doctor has asked me to start getting mammograms at the age of 30.  I should mention that my amazingly strong mother beat stage 4 breast cancer at the ripe old age of 28-29. (Sorry mom, felt i should mention that) Well, here I am, about to turn 31 (in April) and so I have put it off long enough right? So I went to get my first mammogram on January 29th, five days after our adoption orientation.  Two days later they called to ask me to come back for another mammogram and possible sonogram.  Well the waiting began.  I went back in a week later on Feb. 5th.  While I was there, they decided that I would need to do a biopsy to make sure what they had found was not cancerous.  Of course this was scheduled a week after that, Monday, Feb. 11th.  They told me that from there I would not have the results for about 48 hours.  I got the phone call yesterday to let us know that the biopsy turned out benign and I don't have cancer.  I can't tell you the relief that overwhelmed Nate and I.  You see, I have not questioned God's plan, we know that whatever that plan is, it will be for the best.  This little hiccup has just reiterated a few things for us...
#1 God is in control
#2 We are one blessed family for many reasons
#3 We have some pretty amazing family and friends who were there for us and prayed with us a long the way
Can't say enough thanks to God and all of you.
Thank you.