Saturday, April 20, 2013

16 years later!

Today I got to throw a bridal shower with two of my closest friends for one of our other closest friends.  Korey, Emily, and Lindsey (from left to right) have been friends of mine since I moved to Keller, TX when I was 15 years old.  That's right, we have been friends for 16 years.  (They have been friends longer!) Anyway, we went to four different colleges (A&M, Baylor, Texas Tech, and of course Oklahoma) and all moved back home after graduation.  SO most of us were moving back in with the parents and trying to find a J-O-B, one was hitting up TCU for a Masters.  Needless to say, we all reconnected and have been very close ever since.  Now the following pic, is unfortunately not from high school, but I had to share the old pic for fun. And yes those are pleather pants! It was either this pic or Halloween 2006, so.....YOUR WELCOME LADIES, mainly Korey a.k.a. Diana Ross (that's my guess, due to hair and my red sequin prom dress you are wearing)!



Now Emily (standing next to me in the bottom pic) is getting married in May to a guy who totally adores her, Shane, and whom we all adore as well.  We were so excited to throw her a shower and I wanted to commemorate it with none other than a blog post. YAY!  So here are some pics from Em's shower. 

Updated Picture!

Jillian won best bouquet, voted on by the bride to be.

My Mother and Owen

This cake was beautiful and amazing made lovingly by none other than, Korey's dad!

He made the cookies too!

 Looking forward to the big wedding in four short weeks when we get to be Emily's bridesmaids.  Better break out the heels and start practicing now!