Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We had some friends come over for a play date today and one of the kiddos suggested pizza for lunch as he was leaving. So Owen and I thought that sounded like a yummy idea. We just happened to have the ingredients (that never happens) and we whipped one up. FYI we only had all the ingredients due to my new meal planning attempts. So far, pretty good although I might have cheated the menu a bit. So here are some pics from making our pizza, Owen had a lot of fun and it turned out pretty good. I have made the mistake of letting O sit on the counter when I cook so now he thinks he always needs to. Side note: A couple weeks ago I was making banana nut muffins and O was on the counter. Nate came in to the kitchen and was looking for his wedding ring. (He leaves it on the kitchen counter before bed every night) so it was GONE. Nate was freaking out because he is super responsible and crazy like that. Anyway a week of Nate threatening to check Owen's stools (TMI) looking for the ring (Nate blames Owen the entire week) we finally found it in between some paper cupcake containers while making Owens bday cupcakes. Apparently Owen had put the ring in there when I was making muffins. I tried to explain to Nate that a 2 yr. old is probably not going to try and swallow a wedding ring. Either way it seems to be good reason to abandon baking for a while;)