Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Master Bedroom

This room has had the least amount of work so far, except maybe the media room. I just finally settled on curtains after buying a lot of panels and then taking them back to the store. The color on the panels is a bluish grey, shocking I know. For some reason I have no inspiration in this room. The khaki color on the walls throws me off everytime. I would love to do a really large canvas on the wall behind the bed with the lyrics to our wedding song written out (Beatles, In My Life) like I have pinned on pinterest, but I can't write in cursive. Seriously it's really sad. My handwriting looks like a 2nd graders. I know everyone says that, but in this case, it's really true. Maybe one day I will get the nerve. This first picture is such a disaster. It was right when we first moved in, but my only "before" pic. And yes, that is a mirror sitting on the ground because I have no idea where to hang it. Such a disaster, the TV doesn't fit on the dresser, etc. This room is so brown, blah. All suggestions appreciated.

Finally got it together and painted one wall in the master. Love the black wall.  I added a couple canvases.  Still have a long way to go.