Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Club!

I have been a reader since my mother got me into mysteries as a kid. I was bored one summer and she just kept saying, "just go read a book, I promise you will love it." I started with RL Stine and jumped to Mary Higgins Clark pretty quickly. She was right (ugh) I loved it.  In 7th grade I read The Giver and was hooked to the dystopic novels (although I didn't know this word at the time). I read consistently through middle and high school, learning to appreciate a few classics. The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Farenheit 451, hating others like Beowolf. When I hit college is when my love for Harry Potter, just like the rest of the world, started. I also found a love in Greek mythology. After college I started reading memoirs that might help my career as a Social Worker to understand different perspectives. I kept reading all these amazing books like; The Glass Castle, Running with Scissors, Scratch Beginnings, Look Me in the Eyes, and many many others. Nate and I moved to Mexico one summer and I was reading anything I could find in English and just happened to come across a gem called Water for Elephants. (With that being said, my heart, still belongs to Harry Potter after all these years.). But as I finished these books I would want so badly to talk with people about them. I started recommending them to others and then figured what the heck, I will just start my own club. So three years ago this coming July my book club started the first book, Olive Kitteridge. We have been going strong for two and a half years. The core group is still pretty much in tact with a few newer people, and a couple have come and gone. We meet once a month and have switched up the rules at the beginning of each year. I love these meetings and always look forward to them. We have now had five new babies come into the group and our husbands and children join our meetings in December for a book exchange party. I just finished a wonderful historical fiction (which I have learned to love through this group of ladies) called Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I have also been able to re-read/enjoy/attempt to read some classics and learned a new love for some young adult series too. I will probably continue to update you on my current reads, adoption books are my current fad. As I was writing this I was mad that I didn't get to put in so many other books that have made an impression so I will write those out below;)
The Color of Water
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
The Red Tent
The Five Love Languages (I keep mentioning this for a reason)
Bringing up Boys
A Thousand Splendid Sons
The Kite Runner
Jason and the Argonauts
The Odyssey
The Illiad
Percy Jackson series
Hunger Game series
Divergent Series
Brave New World
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Gone Girl
Just FYI, this may have been my most fun blog to write, all you other readers will understand!