Friday, April 12, 2013

Jeep is SOLD!

Nate sold the Jeep today! Which means we are SO much closer to our Adoption goal! So here is the breakdown...

$8,000 Saving so far...
   $250 Necklace Fundraiser so far...
$8,500 Sell of Jeep

Which means... We have $16,750 for adoption expenses!!!

In case you missed the Facebook invite and my last blog post, our Cornhole Fundraiser is June 1st starting at noon.  There will be an amazing First Bite Gourmet food truck there to serve lunch and donate a portion of their profits, kids play area including bounce houses, a Cornhole Tournament with money for the winners (of the winners bracket and non-winners bracket;), and plenty-of-fun!!! We will have T-shirts for purchase if you do not play in the tournament, but if you do play in the tournament a T-shirt comes with registration.  Working on some more raffle opportunities, so I hope everyone can make it!

So in order to honor the Jeep that we loved SO MUCH, Here is a pic of one of Owen's first rides in the Jeep. Love it. And yes that's right, I didn't get a pic of our son on the way home from the hospital. As I have said in a previous post our child has NEVER been a car kid. (Post: Confessions from a couple of hip hop lovers!)

Confessions from a couple of Hip Hop Lovers

Owen has never been a car person, since the first day we brought him home from the hospital.  But we have learned along the way that there is one thing that will make the car ride better.  At about 11 months old we realized that Owen has a love for... Usher.  That's right I said it, Usher.  Specifically the song that is called O.M.G.  He may have got a little hiphop in his soul from his Mama.  Now if you aren't sure which song this is let me breakdown a few lyrics for you.

"Baby let me love you down. There's so many ways to love ya.  Baby I can break you down. Oh there's so many ways to love you.  Got me like oh my gosh I'm so in love I found you finally you make me wanna say Oh Oh Oh Oh....."

Now for all you music lovers out there, I may have introduced my son to some Usher, JT, Britney, Janet, Bell Biv DeVoe, etc. but I would also like you all to know that between my love of Classic Rock and Nate's love of indie rock, along with my dad's motown and Nate's families' love for Classic Rock, don't worry! He will be very well rounded.  But just in case you guys see us driving by and our heads are bobbing to a beat, don't judge, you may have a kid who hates the car someday too.