Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where is my head?

Last night as I was getting ready for today, I realized that I had totally misplaced my Kids Crew badge. I am not saying that I haven't ever lost anything but generally speaking I don't lose things. My husband would disagree because on my way out the door I always say, "where's my phone?" Now I may not know where my phone is at all times but I can find it almost always within one minute of looking. Not knowing where you put something is so frustrating. I couldn't sleep last night, looked everywhere this morning, and finally admitted to the agency that I lost my badge and needed another one for my hospital visit today. It was so not a big deal and I lost sleep for no reason. To top that off I completely forgot to meet my group before class this evening. Totally no showed them. I can't recall a time that I no showed anyone. It's probably happened I just don't remember. I feel terrible. They of course said it was no biggie, but still, what is wrong with me? (I am in grad school, cant remember if I have mentioned that.) Well instead of going to my meeting (that I didn't remember) I went and met one of my good friend's brand new out of the womb baby. Cutie,cute. Two babies at hospitals in one day, my mommy heart strings are being tugged like crazy! Dang it! Maybe a day full of Owen tomorrow will help get rid of my baby fever! JK. Nate asked me on the way to church last Sunday when Owen would get over the temper tantrum stage. I told him that he actually just turned two a week prior so it may be a while. Needless to say, Nate was not very excited about my answer.