Sunday, March 10, 2013

Study/ Filling out Adoption Paperwork Room;)

Here is the study.  We actually had the builder inclose this room because it was originally meant to be a "living space", whatever that means.  That was the only thing we changed since it was a spec home.  I have decorated and redecorated this room.  Still not super happy with it, but for now it may be the most decorated room in the house, so I better leave it a lone for a while.  The original rug I bought from Urban Outfitters was moved into our Master for now and we got a new black shag rug, via Nate's generous parents for Christmas.  I am in love with the curtains in this room, they are a black and white damask that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I actually moved them into my living room for our black and white New Years party this year.  (Have to post about that another time.)  Hope you can see the pictures okay, that sun shines through those windows and makes everything so dark, can you tell photography is NOT a hobby of mine?