Sunday, March 10, 2013

Owen's Playroom/Future Nursery

So the front downstairs bedroom was an extra room when we moved in.  We knew it would be a nursery for our next child, but we weren't sure that 10 months later we would already be in the adoption process.  So I brilliantly thought that we would paint it a crazy color and let Owen have a playroom downstairs at least until he got a little brother or sister.  Well I maybe picked a terrible color, a painter told me that neon is the best because it really makes the room pop.  Well he was absolutely right, it really made the room pop.  So I am biding my time until I can paint it a nice neutral (lets be honest, probably another grey) for the new baby when that time gets a little closer.  But until then Owen has a very fun, cheery playroom downstairs.