Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting it together

I was yet again, inspired by a pinterest post the other day to clean up my closet. I am actually pretty well organized but for some reason my closet is ALWAYS a disaster. My poor husband is kind of a neat freak and I am pretty sure the thing that drives him most up the wall...are my shoe boxes. 
These are my shoes on a good day...
Here are my shoes on a bad day...
So I went to Target and found a little shelf on clearance for $17 and now here is my closet!

I still have quite a few boxes with boots and heels but it looks so much better.  Your welcome husband.  And now I have to get rid of these, it's a sad day.  Apparently (according to my husband) it is not normal to keep your shoes in their shoe boxes.  I am making my husband put them in our recycling, because my OCD heart can't take it.
Farewell friends, you have served me so well, but it was time for a change. Just an FYI, if you looked in my mother and sisters closet you would see the same.  Which means I may not be as crazy as my husband thinks or my whole family is crazy.