Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Living Room

I have many different hobbies that I am sure I will continue to mention here on my blog, but today I have decided to focus on decorating. I get these pictures in my head and then go hardcore trying to recreate it. It never turns out the way I think it will but sometimes, it turns out better than I pictured. (Very rarely, but sometimes.) I can't think of a time when this has happened recently, unfortunately, but no harm in continuing to try. So I thought I would show you some of my works in progress.  Nate and I bought our house in May 2012, so we have had 10 months to update. We have SO MANY ideas and things we want to do, but currently all home decor budgeting is going toward our adoption.  We can start in the living room and I will update as things change.  The living room was my big project when we first moved in.  Our old living room furniture eventually was moved upstairs to Nate's media room which is still very barebones right now. Anyway here are a few pics with our old furniture until we bought the gray sectional. Our rug and ottoman were my super exciting finds and my talented mother made our curtains (both sets, the first set was the wrong length, because I may have given her the wrong measurement). I would like to have the original green and white chair in here still, but my husband wanted his comfy man chair.  It is brown and clashes with the grey couch, but oh well.  As you can see, we love gray.   It is throughout our house, so I hope you like it too. Excuse my husband and his lovely legs. Also if you have any suggestions for my stark white, easily dirtied fire place, please share!!!
I tried a new pinterest project recently and added burlap curtains to the living room.  I have been wanting long enough curtains that can go all the way to the ceiling and burlap seemed to be the cheapest route.  I believe my grand total was $18 for my nine yards of burlap. I ended up sewing the tops by hand.  I really like the height but do miss the damask printed curtains.