Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mini Celebration-The Adoption Application is Complete!

We did it!!!  I realize it's odd to write an entire blog about turning in an adoption application but only to people who have not done it before.  We have social security cards, drivers licenses, a marriage certificate, birth certificates, and pictures of the house photocopied.  We have done a will, setup life insurance, verified employment, verified financial stability, printed the last three tax returns, gotten a floor plan of our house, signed a bunch of releases, and answered 10 page questionnaires (each of us).  We have answered the formal application, made three copies of everything, gotten 5 people to verify we are legit, and mailed it off.  It is time to celebrate...until they call and tell us that we have missed something!  Ha! Hopefully this last part doesn't happen since I have checked and rechecked everything!!!