Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Volunteering...Kid's Crew

I was just blogging about how I love to volunteer and felt I should share an opportunity with some of you who really would like to volunteer but are overwhelmed with finding a place to volunteer at. Currently I volunteer for an amazing organization, Alliance for Children. They have a "Kid's Crew" that goes to Cook Children's and sits with children who have been in an abusive situation (to the point of hospitalization) and their guardians are not allowed at the hospital due to pending investigations. These babies and children are stuck in a hospital either bored or wanting/needing to be held. We all get an email when there is a child at the hospital and then sign up in 2 hour shifts when we can make it. So even those of you who work full time can volunteer on weekends and/or evenings. Sometimes I go months without any emails. I recently told a friend about this and she suggested that I tell more people. So let me know if you want any additional info. There is a 1/2 day Saturday training in order to volunteer, but it's very informative and interesting. There is no better feeling than the feeling after helping someone. Promise you won't regret it!