Monday, February 25, 2013

Owen is gonna be two tomorrow

Owen turns two years old tomorrow. I can't even believe that it's been two years since I held him for the first time. I can still remember crying in the hospital when they took him to the nursery right before we checked out of the hospital. I did not want to be separated from him for one second. He has such a fun, loving, and laid back personality. He loves to laugh and "shoot baskets". We decided to invite some of his friends over for a sports themed bday tomorrow, since sports are his favorite thing right now. (Apple doesn't fall far from daddy's side of the tree!) We also made a trip to the Sesame Street musical with our friends Ambur and Brayden this morning. Owen loved the show! He kept yelling "Abby!"when she came on the stage, apparently we have moved on from Elmo. So I am going to sit and reminisce, maybe shed a tear or two. All those ridiculous moms were right when I was a kid. They grow up too fast! Man, I hate when my mother is right!:) Just FYI, Owen was totally freaked out by the costumed characters running around before the show, he was clinging to me like a monkey and physically shaking.  Halloween may not be as fun this year.